Brand Story

 Be a World Class Makeup Artist – Global Certification of Professional Qualifications

No distance! No time difference! Teach the makeup technology of international standard and market demand

In 2007, co-organized the DA002 Diploma in Creative Image Modeling and Make-up with OUHK LiPACE of the Hong Kong Open University

Diploma awarded by the two schools to create a precedent for professional makeup education in Hong Kong and the diploma are classify in HKQF- Level 4. In terms of academic comparison, it is equivalent to a higher diploma and associate degree, breaking the traditional view that makeup artists are low-tech and low-educated. Our Academy provides the MU LiPACE Diploma Yi Jin Program makeup course to help young people become professional makeup artists.

Promoting international-diploma courses for over 20 years

We are committed to make-up technology and knowledge transfer, Since 2001, promote the INFA and CIBTAC international makeup artist diplomas and exams in Hong Kong, The professional qualifications of our graduates are highly respected by the industry and internationally recognized

"Swiftly learn, swiftly apply"
Employment-oriented teaching policy, equip yourself to work as a makeup artist

In the 1990s, our school took the lead in leading teachers and students to participate in Hong Kong Fashion Week, creating a trend of practical education. There are make-up activities in wedding photography, concerts, stage dramas, movies and television, commercial performances and charity events. The venues include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, major cities in China and Asia, overseas as far as Paris, London, major cities in the United States, etc. We provide customized grooming training for companies. Partners include: hotels and private clubs, airlines, banks and listed groups.

2019 we participated in major superstar Sammi Cheng, Joey Yung, Leon Lai, Jacky Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Coco Lee, Justin and other concerts as Dancers makeup / hair services. In 2018 our school sponsored ViuTV makeup in King Maker 《全民造星》starting in Top 40 candidates. In 2019, ViuTV requested our academy encore to sponsored the production of King Maker 《全民造星》from the beginning of the competition. Since then each year all students gained valuable experience, found their professional knowledge and direction on the competition till the final.

Support Program for Graduate - Employment and Entrepreneurship

Graduates join the international makeup brand, engaged in makeup artist and trainer. More graduates choose to become professional Freelance makeup artists. The school has special workshop rentals to assist graduates to develop their careers. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an in-service person who is interested in short-term study and value-added, there is no restriction on academic qualifications and age. Students can apply for short-term or long-term makeup courses, which will bring you different types of attempts and opportunities. As long as you are willing to invest time to invest in yourself, our school's professional and international training methods will help you turn your interest into a career!
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