International Diploma - Examination

International Qualifications . One examination Multi certificate

INFA-International Federation of Aestheticians

Headquartered in Brussels, the capital of the European Union, established in 1978, the association's regulations are certified by the Belgian government's Ministry of Education as a non-profit organization.

Our Academy is the only examination center in Hong Kong and Macau (Since 2001)

- Students study the PMAD Professional Make Up Artist diploma - PMAD may apply for Beauty Advisor Diploma counter makeup artist IB exam (91902-IPD-01).

- Students study the PMD-A Professional Make Up Artist Diploma in Photography & Advertising. PMD-A may apply for the International makeup artist Diploma exam- (90902-IPD-02).

CIBTAC UK -The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology

CIBTAC was established in 1977 as the most influential non-profit making qualification certification institution in the United Kingdom. It is recognized by the Commonwealth countries and more than 20 national-level regions in the world, and more than 150 beauty and makeup training centers worldwide promote CIBTAC international professional certificates and Diploma: The qualifications awarded by it are recognized and respected professional qualifications in the career recognized by the UK qualification structure.

Students taken the MMD-A Professional Make Up Artist Comprehensive Diploma in Styling & Media may apply for CIBTAC one test and two certificates-(91902- IPD-03-01.)

Pass the grade and obtain the CIBTAC award for Media Makeup Diploma and UK Qualification Framework Level 3 Media Makeup Certificate (Media Make Up Diploma & RQF 3 Media Makeup Certificate))


IPD International Diploma - Examination Course

Course Overview:

The test preparation course specially designed for participating in the off-campus public examination or the diploma examination organized by the International Industry Association. The purpose is to help students successfully obtain an international professional makeup artist diploma.

Each public examination outside the school has an independent preparation class. The course content meets the requirements of different examination bureaus, including: designated assignments, theoretical and practical operations, makeup design and mastering the examination process. Students can choose courses based on their career choices and abilities.

Learning objectives:

Understand and master the standards and requirements of different test institutions, complete designated assignments, prepare for the makeup or character modeling of the test, and fully understand the requirements of the International Industry Association for the knowledge and ability of professional makeup artists through the mock test to improve the professional level

IPD - Examination courses

In order to meet the different standards and test requirements of each test bureau, specially prepared test preparation classes. The content includes: theory and practice. The practical courses are mainly based on the examination works, including: hairstyles and clothing-overall styling coordination.

Qualifications for study:

When register, please bring your school's professional makeup certificate to prove that you are qualified for the exam. For details, please contact the School Office.

International-Diploma Qualifications for Exam:

Students applying for the off-campus diploma or certificate exam must obtain a pass in the mock exam or the on-campus diploma exam in order to qualify for the off-campus International- diploma qualifications for exam

Class size: 6-14 people
Remarks 1:
The examination date is determined by the examination bureau, and students must follow the examination bureau's requirements to take the test. Participants cannot postpone or withdraw the test after confirming the test date. In the event of withdrawal or absence, the fees paid will not be refunded, and re-examination or re-examination must be paid again.
Remarks 2:
Classroom supplies, exam supplies, models, etc.-please bring your own.