How is 非常作MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy (MUFEA) different from other makeup schools

MUFEA is the first international professional makeup school in Hong Kong. Founded in 1999, it designs courses based on international makeup education and the needs of the Asian market. It provides practical opportunities to train professional makeup artists.


What kind of work can do after studying?

We introduce suitable courses according to the employment goals of student. Some students choose to work in counters on international brands, or engage in brand trainers or training managers. Some students choose to work part-time as Freelance, such as bridal makeup artist, advertising photography makeup artist... etc. Some students choose to start a business and open a workshop.


Will the school introduce jobs? Is it free to introduce? what jobs are usually introduced?

Schools can introduce jobs for students free of charge, depending on their expertise and interests. From international brand counter makeup artist work to bridal makeup artist or stage makeup artist.


The certificate issued by 非常作MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY , is it recognized by the market?

非常作MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy in Hong Kong for more than 20 years, our partners from film and television entertainment companies, television stations, fashion brands, college design departments, international brands, charities, etc. This school is the first to offer an international makeup artist diploma exam. The school is well-known in the international vocational education industry, has an international reputation, and is respected by the industry.


Are there any international certificate/diploma examination? For example: CIBTAC, ITEC, INFA

The school selects the media makeup diploma and certificate exams provided by CIBTAC, the third level of the British professional qualifications QCF for the students, as well as the INFA based in the EU headquarters. These two non-profit international beauty associations have a history of more than 40 years worldwide. Promote professional qualifications and professional certificate/diploma exams.


Are there any courses approved by the HKQF?

Since 2007, our school has co-organized the ``Professional Diploma in Creative Image and Make-up'' with OUHK LiPACE under the HKQF level4 course.


What are the admission requirements for OUHK LiPACE Professional Makeup Diploma?

DA002 "Professional Diploma in Creative Image and Cosmetics'' is suitable for people aged 21 or above, or those who have taken the third level of the qualification framework course with a certificate or a certificate of past qualification recognition. For details, please browse



Is there any CEF continuing education fund?

Since 2007, OUHK LiPACE co-organized the ``Professional Diploma in Creative Image and Make-up'' to apply for the CEF Continuing Education Fund. From April 1, 2019, CEF will be adjusted to HK$20,000.


Are there any opportunities for out-job or internship?

In 2018, our school out Job opportunities reached 500 times. Including: fashion shows, advertising shooting, wedding banquet exhibitions, concerts, stage plays, movies and TV, newspapers and magazines…


How does Out Job choose students? Does everyone have a chance?

Out Job - First of all, it depends on what type of makeup the organizer needs. Do they need hairstyle? Then, according to the time of the show, notify the students to sign up. Teachers of different classes will also find students to participate. The most important is that students can cooperate with their time. Makeup and hairstyle-whether the ability of students meets the requirements of the activity, the school provides free makeup training, and students will also be asked to return to school to practice, in order to have the best performance.


Need to buy extra cosmetics?

Skin care products and cosmetics used in the classroom, including false eyelashes and makeup removers, are all supplied by the school.


Are there any other costs?

Tuition fees include skin care products, cosmetics, false eyelashes, makeup removers, etc. used in class, as well as handouts and exam certificates.


Will there any opportunity to practice makeup? How many times does each student have the opportunity to practice makeup?

You can make appointments for makeup or hairstyles practice for free in your spare time. Just call the school to make an appointment. The time is Monday to Sunday from 12 noon to 8pm. Bring your own models, your own products and own tools. There is no limit of times. Students can practice makeup for exams or do homework.


Will there any teacher guidance when doing practice?

When practicing makeup, students can ask the teacher at any time, how to apply makeup and teacher will also help to correct.


Tuition fees and payment methods

Tuition fees are listed on the website, payment can choose cash, cheque, EPS, credit card, etc. You can choose credit card interest-free installment 6-12 months. If you have any questions, please call our school for enquiries (852) 2506 3506


I want to know the time of class.

The class available into weekday evening class 7-10pm or Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 5pm. There are also intensive classes (Monday to Wednesday, 11am to 5pm)


Are there any discounts for students to buy products?

There are discounts for student with discounts ranging from 10% to 40%.


What is the income and welfare of the work of the counter makeup artist?

The working hours of the counter makeup artist are one day off per week plus addition two more days off per month. Some brands have two days off a week, and work nine hours a day, including meal break.

Holidays and labor regulations generally have year-end double pay, shopping benefits, medical insurance (individual companies), etc.

The monthly salary for newly join in 2019 commence on HK$14,000.


If you have any question, please whatsapp us. We will update this page occationally.