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Modern Stylist Make Up Certificate Course – MS


To have a better understanding of various assignments that a Professional Makeup Artist may come across, MS will give you a comprehensive knowledge from Trendy, Fashion, Photographic, Period, Stage to Chinese Opera and a glimpse of Special effect techniques.

Learning Objectives

The course is comprised of 4 units. You will come across different styles and elements of makeup, Air Brush comprehend and master the techniques and knowledge, thus building up a solid foundation to becoming a Professional Makeup Artist.

  • MS-01 - S Sketching Design ( 2 lessons / 2.5-hour class )
  • MS-02 - H Hairstyling Design ( 2 lessons / 2.5-hour class )
  • MS-03 - F Fashion Makeup ( 10 lessons / 3-hour class )
  • MS-04 - T TV and Stage Makeup ( 10 lessons / 3-hour class )

After completion of the Modern Stylist Make Up Certificate Course, you will be able to do in-depth research for the character / styling, and master the techniques for your designed makeup. In addition, you will gain some basic knowledge in hairstyling to match up with your makeup and create a complete finished look.

Duration:24 lessons
No. of Participants : 8-16 students ( 2.5 hour / 3 hour class )
Tuition Fee : HK$ 23, 900

Exam: Fashion Makeup and TV and Stage Makeup exam will be held on lesson 10.
Course Assessment / Distribution of Certificate : Please refer to P.12 key learning areas
Textbook/ handouts : Handouts.


  • Free supply of cosmetics used in class. ( For hygiene reason, please bring your own makeup tools)
  • Student will be partner with classmate during in-class practice
  • Students are required to bring their models, make up products and tools for their exam.

Further Studies Advice :

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Professional Media Make Up Advanced Certificate Course PMMA
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